Who is The Femme Domestic?

fd_aboutAnswer: Allyson Ivy.  A queer femme living in the Southern United States, Allyson works as a bookseller and knitting instructor and spends her evenings studying all things liberal (mainly women’s studies and political science).  Allyson is passionate about the arts of domesticity, sexual submission, and queer visibility.

Things she loves:  butch dykes, aprons, bondage, baking, kitten heels, feminist porn, knitting, kink, hardback books, sewing, up-dos, political snark, cocktails, The South, wit, and a good blindfold.

Things she hates:  fake lesbian porn, electronic books (Kindle is the devil), brown liqueur, doing the dishes, humidity, busy work, and acrylic yarn.

People she admires: Rachel Maddow, Princess Donna, Tristan Taormino, Martha Stewart, Alexandra Pelosi, Ana Marie Cox, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, et al.

Other: Her dog and cat are her children. She lives with them as well as with her partner, Eli in a rented house built in the 1950’s.  Thier house is full of yarn, dog hair, books about the American political process, and love.

Find more about the purpose of the site in this post.

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