Posted by: Allyson | 24 February, 2009

Home life on a Tuesday

Eli and I both have the day off work today.  After sleeping in later than I have in months I made my way into the kitchen where we made a late breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, orange juice, and coffee.  I love it when the two of us are in the kitchen together working in tandem.  We barely speak, just move around each other cracking eggs and pouring batter, washing a pan or a dish as soon as we’re through with it.  It’s comforting.


mmmm... home.

It has only been recently that I’ve attempted to make myself comfortable in the kitchen.  Eli has a passion for cooking that I’ve never had.. I’ve had more anxiety over making something that doesn’t go right or tastes like crud no matter how hard I work.  I made a decision, though, sometime towards the start of the year to change my attitude towards cooking and food in general.  I love to create/make/craft, and so I’ve tried to look at cooking more like a craft than a chore.  I did some reading, tried a few recipes, and… So far so good.  I’m doing better.  I’m enjoying.  I’m playing out my little housewife fantasy just a little bit more than I was, and that is very satisfying.


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